Case Study:

"White-Glove Professional Services"

Provided white-glove professional services for local public P-12 classroom campus of 13 buildings, serving 4,000 students. Required custom Chromebook configuration and set-up to multiple locations.

Reason for Choosing Structured, Inc.

Structured, Inc. had previously executed a successful project with this school district, which fostered trust and highlighted our exceptional services. Unlike larger competitors who simply ship configured devices, Structured, Inc. offers a personal touch. Our professional team delivers devices by hand, taking care of the entire process from unboxing to setting up, ensuring maximum convenience for our customers.

Services Delivered

Receive equipment in warehouse


Reconfiguration services



Sorting based on location

Inventory by location


The Challenge

The sheer volume of Chromebooks, combined with the tight delivery timeframe, posed a significant challenge. The district lacked the resources to unbox, set up, and deal with the packaging of the large shipment.

Our Solution

We took a hands-on approach:

  1. Received the Chromebooks and unboxed them.
  2. Connected them online and integrated them with the district’s Chrome management system.
  3. Configured the devices to the district’s specifications.
  4. Labeled each Chromebook with barcodes containing serial numbers.
  5. Re-packaged them for convenient delivery.

Following the district’s allocation spreadsheet, we ensured each building received the right number of Chromebooks. Devices were boxed in sets of 15 for easy distribution. On delivery, our team worked closely with the designated district personnel, like librarians, to place the Chromebooks exactly where needed. All power cables were provided in a separate box for easy access.


Structured, Inc. delivered exceptional service, completing the project in a mere five weeks. This further solidified our relationship with the school district, leading to ongoing collaborations on future projects.

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