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VoIP PhoneServices

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services enable voice communication over the internet, allowing users to make phone calls using their internet connection instead of traditional telephone lines. 

Users in multiple location companies can dial by extenstion to anyone on their system, regardless of location. 

Our customized phone systems are hosted in our private cloud or installed on-site and they’re integrated into your CRM. Only use cell phones? Employees can use their own phones to send and receive calls and texts from your business number. 

Additional features include video calling, voicemail, and call forwarding, offering cost-effective and flexible communication options.

Handsets, Mobile Apps & Smart Phones

Handsets, Mobile Apps & Smart Phones

  • Use physical handsets, the smartphone app or a soft phone on your computer
  • Hosted in our private cloud or installed on-premise
  • Handsets can be installed in the corporate office or can be utilized for remote offices & teleworker home offices
  • Free inter-office calls & branch calls
  • Android and iOS applications with PUSH notifications for mobile devices
  • Presence, chat, & web conferencing support on mobile devices


  • Hundreds of CRM Integrations
  • Microsoft 365
  • Texting
  • And more (ask us for your specific integration)

Web Conferencing

  • Initiate conferences with a single click
  • Unlimited users can host conferences
  • Video or screen sharing
  • Pre-upload presentations & PDFs
  • Integrated polling tool for feedback
Web Conferencing

Live Chat & Text From Your Business Number

  • Page visitors can initiate live chat with a single click
  • Display on individual pages
  • Typing indicator & preview
  • Get offline messages or set business hours
Live Chat & Text From Your Business Number

Unified Communications

  • Presence information via web, Windows, or mobile apps
  • Voicemail to email & transcription
  • Conference calling
  • Chat
  • CRM integration
  • Office365 calendar integration

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