Case Study

The Customer
A growing business based out of Indiana engaged our services to manage a custom software development project.

Why was Structured, Inc. chosen
We met the customer through a referral from their software developer who was building their dream software. We were chosen by the customer because of our experience in working with developers in the past to build custom software.

The Challenge
The customer had the initial build of the software completed; however, the production had slowed to almost a standstill and there was a need to get it moving again. The customer was frustrated because the software was not satisfied with the look or functionality of the software and had envisioned it doing more.

The Execution
When we came on board, the customer was not fully pleased with the product they had commissioned, and we were mindful of the relationships when we began our work. Our focus remained clear, we wanted to get the best version of the software for the customer and for that to happen, things had to change. The software vendor was ultimately happy for the help we provided with clear project scoping, and we were able to transform the software into what the customer wanted.

Here is what we did:

  • Got involved in day-to-day operations of the software to learn why it was used and what it was supposed to do
  • Reviewed the original scope to look for inconsistencies with what the customer thought they were getting and what they scope showed
  • Created a list of items the scope promised but had not yet delivered
  • Created a list of items the scope did not clearly promise and worked with the team to build those items out and explain what was intended
  • Built a new scope with detailed information and screen shots
  • Met with software team to develop the new price
  • Worked with the customer to arrive at what was acceptable for scope and price
  • Began project meetings and monitored progress

Throughout this project, we built a strong relationship with both our customer and the software developer. As this software moves forward and has additional needs, we manage those projects as well.

Services we Implemented
Project Scoping
Project Management
Process Documentation
Process Organization
Software Integration