Voice over IP (VoIP)

Our phones can be hosted in our private cloud or installed on-premise. Our system is customized to suit your needs, we have a variety of handsets to choose from, or you can download the app on your smartphone to use your cell phone as your business phone.

Below are some of the features:

  • Voicemail to email and transcription: Receive voicemails anywhere with the voicemail to email recording and transcription.
  • App: The handy mobile app lets you receive and make calls from your “office” right from your cell phone.
  • Conference Calling: Your staff can set up their own unique conference lines whenever they want. No need to worry about booking the shared conference line, that is a thing of the past.
  • Office365 Calendar Integration: All meetings set up through the phone system can go out as a calendar invite to attendees.
  • Web Conferencing: Staff can start their own web conference at any time and they will love the features. Users can record web meetings, use a shared white board, see live video of participants, remote control onto each other’s machines, and more.
  • Hot Desking: Log into any handset at any desk with your credentials and see your address book and use that phone as your extension.
  • Polling: Create custom polls to distribute during your meetings, you can choose to see results of the individuals or keep anonymous. You can also share the poll with participants live or create a poll report to send out later.
  • Chat: If you need one more way for your staff to communicate real-time during the day, take advantage of the built in chat feature.

Testimonial – CBIS Insurance

“Structured has helped us put in place a robust phone system with tons of features, we love the app that allows us to accept and make calls that appear to be coming from our office without us having to physically be in the office. Even though we aren’t geographically in the same area as their business, they handle any issues we have remotely right away.”

Anna Estep