Process Documentation

User Manual Creation

We are here to reduce Manager Frustration, Employee Onboarding Costs and Turnover for Companies across the US.

We increase New Hire understanding of your company and enhance their first 90 days of employment with your company by creating effective training content for your team.

Say goodbye to your old PDF Process Documents and say hello to the fun and exciting world of Online User Manuals with content we maintain for you in real-time!

How it Works

We follow our tried and true 6-step process to Process Documentation that we have developed over the last 15 years. We start with a meeting to understand your needs and ask you some questions that help us tailor our approach to you. Part of our process is integrating ourselves into your Company Meetings and/or Training Sessions to learn your processes. We work behind the scenes to build out your content and return the first draft to you quickly. Of course, as we create content, it has to be tested or reviewed, that can seem overwhelming when done all at once, but don’t worry, we have multiple formats for the review process our clients can choose from. We make it as painless as possible, and we lead the process every step of the way.

Decreased Onboarding Time for New Staff

Our customers enjoy a 50% decrease in their new hire onboarding time after implementing our user manuals. The reason? There are a couple. The Trainers are more effective in their trainings when they follow the outlined process and the Trainees have a better understanding of the information when it is laid out clearly on the outset. The Trainees also have a resource to turn to for questions or refreshers, instead of going back to their manager time and again with questions.

Decreased Manager Frustration

The new hire training process is extremely important for companies as we all work to keep employees long-term and reduce our internal operations costs of hiring. Your Trainers and Managers are there to help new hires, however, they also have other important work to complete in order to move your company forward. When we implement our user manuals for teams, the Managers report feeling more organized, ready to implement new hires and confident in their training program. The biggest benefit for the Managers and Trainers is that their new hires have another resource to reference for questions that contains all of their custom training information in one place. Yes, many companies have a video library that new hires can access, but what about those important “don’t forget this” or “always remember to do that” lessons the Trainer gives to the new hires? We capture those golden nuggets and they are maintained in your training documentation in real-time.

Satisfied New Hires

As companies continue to onboard new hires, our user manuals make new hires feel they truly understand the new information they are learning. They report feeling valued, comfortable, informed and that the company they are working for is “put together.” We know that the first 90 days of employment is the most impactful for new hires and we strive to help them feel at home in your company by providing them all the information they will need to perform their tasks.

The Best Fit

Multiple New Hires in the Same Role – Companies that onboard multiple new hires in a given department each year are a great fit for this program. Your trainer can train us once and we will develop the content for your Trainees.

Existing or new Content – We can work with existing content you have or build your content from scratch.

New Software – Many of our clients ask us to document a new software system coming into their organization. New software comes with lots of training for your team and lots of changes required for their day-to-day. We strive to make that change as easy as possible. We attend the sessions with the software vendor, learn the process, attend testing sessions and all other pertinent meetings to get the information your users need.

Retirement – Retirement is a natural part of the job cycle; however, it can leave a business with a hole when it comes to process knowledge. Our team works with key members to document their knowledge and leave a lasting legacy for the business they served.


Branded to your company
Organized to fit you
Searchable Content
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Single Sign on Capabilities
HTML, PDF, Word formats
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We keep content updated for you in real-time


I was attempting to create a quick helpful tip guide as I implemented my new estimating software. It was lackluster at best and then I brought in the team from Structured Inc. to help me. The team gave me several options on how to organize my information and the final product had three versions of the same information. This allowed both new and veteran employees to have a reference guide that was full of knowledge and easy to reference.

On top of that, the Structured team tracks our meeting action items, which keeps us on target and makes sure things do not fall off the ‘to do’ list. My team became more efficient with upgrading the software. I became more comfortable knowing my team had the information they needed.

I am excited about growing with the knowledge that a new employee will now have a manual to reference from day 1 on how to do their job.

Cathy Lindemann, Evolution Creative Solutions