Case Study

The Customer
A health clinic operations company in Indiana and Florida engaged our services to manage a project for a new clinical certification for a group of their clinics.

 Why was Structured, Inc. chosen
We met the customer through a referral and immediately hit it off. Our background understanding of the health insurance industry is what initially made us attractive to the client as their business centers around health clinic operations. This client had the ability to manage such a project, however they did not have the capacity. As a growing business, they knew they needed additional resources to devote to a project of this importance. 

The Challenge
The customer had four clinics they wanted to get certified through a government regulatory body which was a lengthy process with lots of regulations to follow. We were charged with:

  • Creating the project map
  • Leading meetings with their team
  • Visiting their operations on-site and creating check lists for staff
  • Connecting and meeting with experts in the field
  • Monitoring deadlines

The Execution
This project required us to learn quite a bit about the specific certification this client ended up with for their clinics. It was a 7-month project that was very intense and ended in a successful certification.

After the successful completion of this project, we have an ongoing Project Management arrangement with this client for both large and small projects.

Services we Implemented
Meeting Documentation
Project Management