Structured has helped us put in place a robust phone system with tons of features, we love the app that allows us to accept and make calls that appear to be coming from our office without us having to physically be in the office. Even though we aren’t geographically in the same area as their business, they handle any issues we have remotely right away.

Anna Estep


I was attempting to create a quick helpful tip guide as I implemented my new estimating software. It was lackluster at best and then I brought in the team from Structured Inc. to help me. The team gave me several options on how to organize my information and the final product had three versions of the same information. This allowed both new and veteran employees to have a reference guide that was full of knowledge and easy to reference.

On top of that, the Structured team tracks our meeting action items, which keeps us on target and makes sure things do not fall off the ‘to do’ list. My team became more efficient with upgrading the software. I became more comfortable knowing my team had the information they needed.

I am excited about growing with the knowledge that a new employee will now have a manual to reference from day 1 on how to do their job.

Cathy Lindemann


With 16 years of experience as a professional software developer I can honestly say that Lindsey is the best project manager I have ever worked with. She is very organized and does a fantastic job of managing the timeline to hit milestones and deadlines. She also has a good understanding of technical challenges that come up during development and the various cycles that impact Agile development. Lindsey produces clear and comprehensive documentation to support the entire process. If you want your project finished on time and in budget, Lindsey has my highest recommendation.

Fred Morgan


As our agency grew we became quickly aware that IT was something we needed to invest in. From the daily activities that needed attention to the flexibility and knowledge of our phone system. We have a high dollar phone system but did not have the knowledge of it capabilities. Structured was able to customize that system to make it more efficient. We have used the IT Management services to help with our daily activities to run without any hiccups. Structured has been very prompt in their service and extremely knowledgeable on many platforms. We are appreciative of our partnership with Structured as we look to the future.

Scott Cole


Structured Inc. has been Wiser Strategies’ go-to resource for project management, administrative management and tech support for two years. I highly recommend their team, which is an unusual combination of organizational and technology experts.

It’s not easy to find professionals who can come into your business and efficiently outline your processes, develop systems to enable you to get and stay organized, and keep you on task within complex operations. In fact, I had tried several part-time assistants and they either weren’t able to manage the process or wanted me to adapt to their way of doing things. Not so with Structured Inc. They grasped what we wanted to accomplish, helped us get more efficient, and then became a part of our team to facilitate our monthly invoicing review meetings and execute our intricate billing process.

Structured Inc. also provides our technology support. They recommend new technology when needed, ensure we have firewalls to keep information and systems safe, and assess and resolve issues on an ongoing basis.

Thanks, Structured Inc., for being a partner in the growth of Wiser Strategies. Having you on our team has made a big difference and we appreciate the value you bring.

(Even after two years we are still amazed when we watch Lindsey’s efficiency during our meetings!!)

Nancy M. Wiser, President

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