IT Managed Services

We work with businesses who have realized a need to stabilize their IT infrastructure. This could be because a business has outgrown what they originally had set up and things are feeling a little clunky, there is an existing IT Professional who is transitioning out of the business and a need exists for that skill set, or a business may want to add a new technology, such as offsite backups or a phone system.

There are many versions of the Managed Services model.  Our model is simple.  You pay one flat monthly rate, and we monitor and proactively manage your entire IT infrastructure.  We are your trusted adviser and will assist in any organizational goals that can utilize IT and our goal is to keep your business running by proactively addressing any potential issues.  For the problems that aren’t preventable, having a Managed Services agreement means we get automatically notified when a problem occurs and can remotely address them instantly or dispatch if necessary.

Help Desk Support

We provide both remote and on-site help desk services for your team. This includes support for PCs, Laptops, Printers, Servers, Networks and more.

Ticket System

Our robust ticket system gives your administrative users the backend view to what is happening inside your IT Operations.


Do you have access to our company’s IT passwords? You should and we make sure all of our clients have their complete documentation accessible in a secure portal. We keep everything up to date that you would need in relation to a disaster scenario.

Software Installation and Upgrades

While many software systems are cloud-based there are still many that are locally installed. We work with you and your software vendor to make sure you have the best package for your needs and perform upgrades as needed so that you don’t have to.

Vendor Management

We help bridge the gap between your software providers and staff. We know how to speak the lingo and know the ins and outs of software integration. We can help with vendor contract negotiations, changes, upgrades, and platform migrations. Let us speak on your behalf so you can focus on your business.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Ransomware, Phishing, natural disaster, and hardware failures can all be disastrous to a business if a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution has not been implemented. Our solution can combine onsite and offsite, fully encrypted backups of your data and devices. Let us help design your plan and put your mind at ease.

Outside Consultation

Some clients engage our services because they need a CIO-level view of IT projects or expansion. They may have an IT person in-house, so we work with their team on a purely consultative basis, then their internal staff executes.

Updates and Patch Management

We install our agent and monitor for windows updates and patches.


We inventory your current antivirus status and consult on necessary actions, one of which is deploying a managed and monitored antivirus solution.

Network Management and Support

Businesses large and small all have a computer network, that network is what keeps your staff connected to your customers. From the ground up we can either maintain or help build the right network to support your business. We use the latest monitoring tools to keep an eye on your network devices and their workloads to proactively manage your network.


As our agency grew we became quickly aware that IT was something we needed to invest in. From the daily activities that needed attention to the flexibility and knowledge of our phone system. We have a high dollar phone system but did not have the knowledge of it capabilities. Structured was able to customize that system to make it more efficient. We have used the IT Management services to help with our daily activities to run without any hiccups. Structured has been very prompt in their service and extremely knowledgeable on many platforms. We are appreciative of our partnership with Structured as we look to the future.

Scott Cole, Hunt Insurance Agency