Case Study

The Customer
A promotional product company in Ohio who had already purchased a new software when we came on board.

Why was Structured, Inc. chosen
We met the customer through a networking meeting and had a conversation about user manuals.  After an initial discovery meeting, we provided a proposal to create a customized user manual for their new software.  Our pricing model, sample work product, referral, and expertise in the field all helped with the customer’s decision to choose us.

The Challenge
The customer had purchased a new software system to manage the core functions of their business.  They wanted to make sure the staff knew how to use this new software and that the key capabilities were documented, and they had begun the process on their own.  The client asked us to come in and take over the user manual, update it and manage to completion.  The client also wanted us to create a tree for how the staff should react during certain day-to-day situations. We were charged with:

  • Attending meetings with their team.
  • Watching the software being used, pulling screen shots and information for the manual.
  • Creating a custom user manual for their staff.
  • Creating a decision tree for staff to incorporate into their daily workflow.

The Execution
After our first meeting, we reworked the user manual and sent the rough draft to the client within a few days. We always get the first work product out soon after the first meeting to make sure the client likes our organization of the material and the general flow.

During the meetings, our team asked questions to get clarification when a process was being explained. The client encouraged us to keep doing that because only by our understanding do things get recorded into the user manual.

The client did not ask us to track ongoing open items but as part of us being in the meetings, we started doing that for them and sending a list post-meeting.

The client has invited us into their meetings to learn their processes and is always available to answer questions. They are extremely satisfied with the user manual, and we are now expanding to create some more tools for their staff. It has been a successful relationship and we look forward to doing projects with them in the future.

Services we Implemented
Meeting Documentation
User Manual Creation