Software Integration Implementation

For any company that is embarking on a new Custom Software build with a vendor or a Software Integration project, we can’t recommend enough that you use a Project Manager who is on your side of the process. Software companies will provide you with a project manager, but you need someone managing the process from the inside who can communicate with the software vendor and your team to make sure all requirements are being met in the way you intended. Below are some of the services we provide.

General Project Management Duties

See our Project Management services page for more information, but you get all the things you would expect from a Project Manager such as periodic meetings, agenda creation, timeline adherence, etc.

Management Meetings on Out of Scope Items

During a new software build or the purchase of a new software, there are items that are out of scope. We make sure Management is aware of those items that are out of scope and understand what that means for their business.

Project Scoping

For new software builds with a contract software builder, it is extremely important to have a clear scope that is complete with screen shots and every detail you can imagine. Our project scoping takes time, but it is a complete record of your wishes for the developer, which leaves very little to interpretation.

Boiling Down the Software Lingo

Given our experience, we can speak the lingo of the software developers, understand complex processes and how systems “talk”, and boil that down to a business conversation that makes sense for the Managers or Business Owners. We don’t user overly complex, technical language in our discussions with Managers or Business Owners.


With 16 years of experience as a professional software developer I can honestly say that Lindsey is the best project manager I have ever worked with. She is very organized and does a fantastic job of managing the timeline to hit milestones and deadlines. She also has a good understanding of technical challenges that come up during development and the various cycles that impact Agile development. Lindsey produces clear and comprehensive documentation to support the entire process. If you want your project finished on time and in budget, Lindsey has my highest recommendation.