Phishing Simulation

Employees are the biggest weakness to the strongest security plans. Phishing emails with convincing social engineering schemes can lead to leaks of sensitive information and potentially enormous financial losses. Phishing emails are a serious threat to businesses; they are responsible for 94% of ransomware. Many employees do not understand how to identify a SPAM email.

Our Phishing Simulation and Training program is designed to test your employees by sending a series of simulated Phishing emails to their inbox. We then track the level of engagement the employee has with the email (view, click, go to landing page, enter information, etc…). Once we complete the initial campaign, we provide either onsite training or we can enroll them in an online self-paced training course to raise their awareness and enhance their skills to identify malicious emails.

After the initial test and training we setup recurring trainings and send different emails to continually test your users. If a user fails a test, they can be automatically enrolled in an online training on the email they received and how to catch similar Phishing attempts in the future.

Pricing is based on number of users and an annual training and testing program.