We provide companies with Operations and Technology Solutions so they can focus on their growth.

Specifically, we help businesses work through specialized projects when their own in-house staff may not have the required expertise or the time to focus on them.

We drill down to how systems and processes can be created, maintained, and improved to achieve optimized technology and operations within a business. Our clients call on us in a variety of circumstances which you can read more about on our Services page, but for the most part we are consulted when:

  • There is a need for new technology or technology consultation
  • A new technology has already been purchased and is being implemented
  • There are processes that need to be reviewed, optimized and documented
  • There is a HIPAA compliance need
  • There is a need for a Project Manager

Who We Are

Structured Inc was born out of a need that founders Lindsey and Eric Crabtree saw in the business community. Without a stable and secure Technology and Operations infrastructure, businesses are at a disadvantage, but given the right solutions at the right price, businesses can soar and make a greater impact in their community.

​Organizations don’t always have the resources or the need to hire a Full Time IT Director with decades of experience, or a Project Manager with both general and healthcare specific certifications to handle just a handful of projects per year.

Structured Inc can provide Operations and Technology solutions to small, medium and large businesses that are customized to specific needs.

Lindsey Crabtree
Founder and Chief Operating Officer

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Eric Crabtree
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

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Our Mission is to provide businesses with a stable and secure infrastructure, streamlined processes, and operational solutions so they can focus on their growth and maintain their organization.
Our vision is a future of businesses so efficient and effective that they are able to provide resources to support their local communities and help people thrive.
We strive to assist our clients in growth by providing them with reliable Technology and Operational Solutions.  We are not just consultants; we conceptualize both Technology and Operations-related projects, but we don’t stop after giving you a recommendation. We take the steps necessary to drive important projects to completion with as little impact as possible. New Technology should enhance your business, not disrupt it.

Our Driving Force

We have a soft spot for children and anyone who has been put in a situation of disadvantage and wants more out of life. We believe in helping those individuals with our resources and every new client or project results in one more individual being helped.

For every new client or project we gain, we donate basic household items and furniture to a local charity in Lexington, KY to help struggling families get back on their feet and get re-integrated into society.

Annually we donate a laptop to another local charity who awards that laptop to a child who has grown up in the foster care system and has graduated high school. The graduating student can take that laptop with them for their first job, a trade school, or college.

We have met so many amazing Business Owners, Managers and Staff and we firmly believe that for every business we can help become more efficient, they are able to devote resources to further help those in their paths. We strive to do more with each passing year to help those in need in our local community and communities that are local to our clients.